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 Our business philosophy is very simple and is in two equal parts.  First, we would like to have people join our team who want to deliver great experiences to our customers.  Each and every customer is a valued guest that deserves fast, friendly service and quality food that comes from trained and happy employees. Second, we want to value our employees and honor the work they do to delight our customers.  We work side by side with our employees and want them to be successful and motivated not only at work but also in life. Bill, Peter, Mark & Bryan have over 120 combined years of McDonald's experience. We are looking for quality people who share our goals to become part of our team.

Bill Brownstein                                                  Peter Horner

Mark Brownstein                                           Bryan Carmack

In 1968, Herman Petty of Chicago, Illinois, became McDonald's first African-American owner/operator.

McDonald's Norwalk

This restaurant is owned and operated by an independent franchisee.

Store Photo 11053 East Rosecrans Avenue
Norwalk CA 90650

Phone: 562-863-1112
Manager: Maria R.
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