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  • Crew Benefits

  • Scheduling to Fit Your Needs

    Whether you need early morning, midday, nights, or weekends we can work with your schedule.

  • Free Uniforms

    Shirts and hats will be provided.

  • Crew Incentives

    Gift cards will be given to the employees that are present during mystery shop hours and score 100%.

  • Management Opportunities

    Many opportunities exist for diligent, hard workers including crew trainer, swing manager, or salaried manager. Our primary source of recruitment is from within our existing pool of employees.

  • Free Meals

    Employees will receive a free meal during an 8 hour shift.

  • Swing Manager Benefits

  • Previous Benfits

    All benefits that the crew are entitled to are included in addition to the list below.

  • Vacation

    Swing Managers are entitled to 1 week of paid vacation.

McDonald's Corporation and its independent franchisees are Equal Opportunity Employers committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce.


This restaurant is owned and operated by an independent franchisee.

Store Photo 3868 E. 3Rd St.
East Los Angeles CA 90063

Phone: 323-265-3029
Manager: Josie
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